Kewin Dousse

Elodie's Dream

10.2013 - 12.2013
Basile Vu, Benjamin Schubert, Jérémy Rabasco, Thibault Duval, Sacha Bron
c++, sfml

Elodie's Dream is a 2D scrolling platformer game


As the birthday of a friend approached, we had the idea with as a group of common friends to develop her a game as a present for that event. I teamed up with 5 friends, and the project was shaped using ideas and concepts from everyone.


The game was developed in C++, using SFML which is a library providing multi-media functionalities. We used no particular framework or model, only relying on some Object-Oriented structures.


As we wanted to make everything from scratch, both the project and the team required were quite huge. This lead a lot of different tasks to make the whole game work. I mainly worked on the assets and level design, but also did some work on the enemies' AI.


The game is pre-compiled for Windows and can be downloaded here. For other systems, you should build the project to play it. Instructions on how to build for different systems are available on GitHub.


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