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6.2017 - 8.2019

FehPedia is an Android app that downloads data from the Fire Emblem Heroes Gamepedia wiki and makes them easily browsable offline.


FehPedia is a project related to the Android game Fire Emblem Heroes. Sometimes abbreviated FEH (hence the name of the app), it is a turn-based strategy online mobile game. The player has to manage an army of heroes, and choose some of them to conquer different maps and missions. If the player want to be successful, a consequent part of the game is about training and crafting the right units to form a strong team.

As this phase often requires planning and patience, players wrote a wiki to centralize informations. As I found the mobile version of the wiki not very user-friendly, I decided to make an app to resolve this problem.


The application is a Ionic 3 project; it so is written in TypeScript, and uses Angular 4. During the first launch, the app queries the Gamepedia API for all the necessary informations, and saves the data locally. Then, the whole app can be used while offline.


After being in closed beta during a month, the app is now available on the Google Play Store.


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