Kewin Dousse


5.2016 - 6.2016
nodejs, typescript, express

Yi is a website that shows statistics about summoner's champion masteries in League of Legends.


Yi is a project related to League the online game League of Legends. In this game, a player can choose ot play a champion between more than a hundred, for matches that last approximately 30 minutes.

I often play some matches with friends, and wanted to try to use Riot Games' API (the developer) for fun. The resulting site's goal is to show statistics of any players' performance with any champion they play.


Each time a player's page is asked for, Yi calls Riot Games' API directly. As the traffic is quite low for now, the project doesn't use any database for now and queries the API every time. The backend uses node.js with an Express server, and everything is written in TypeScript. It highly uses the league-typenode library.


The site is offline due to breaking changes made in the Riot Games' API.

History was initially named, and accessible at that address. The domain name change was made approximately one year after its creation, the 26th May 2017.


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