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8.2019 - now
Sacha Bron
vue.js, electronics

Orbital is a game designed to be played on addressable LED strips, or any one dimensional array of lights


I participated with the FIXME hackerspace to the CCCamp 2019. Our goal with Sacha was to use a 5m LED strip and a Raspberry Pi to make a fun project.

We agreed on the idea of making a multiplayer game where the screen would be the LED strip, and people would use their smartphone to play.


"Orbital" refers to both the software that controls the game and the lights, and the whole construction that is comprised of, minimally :

  • A strip of addressable LEDs
  • A computer that is connected to the LEDs, running both the Orbital game server, and the LEDs controller server.

Working instances

We built two instances of Orbital.

The first one that we call Orbital FIXME sits in the FIXME local. It hangs under the ceiling, and is accessible to anyone. Although publicly accessible, you need to see the LED strip to play properly, it isn't of much use outside.

The second one we call Orbital Portable. It is a variant whose purpose is to be portable so that we can deploy it wherever we want.

You can find more information in the related article on the FIXME wiki.

Video presentation (in French)


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