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next.js, chakra ui

yasp is a web remote control for Spotify. It aims at providing a fun way to visualize the currently playing track.


While going through my old stuff one day, I found a tablet that I won few years ago and that was now completely unused. I wanted to find a use for it. However because it was getting quite old already, it could not run anything really intensive.

At the same time, I was finding myself having to Alt+Tab to Spotify a lot, just to see the name of the current playing song. This sprouted the initial idea: I could use my leftover tablet to display the current playing song !

This also happened to me while I both had some spare time for myself, and discovered the Chakra UI project that I wanted to try. So that's pushed me to work on this small project.


The goal was to lower the maintenance cost as much as possible, I knew I wouldn't want to pay attention to this project once it'd be finished.

Therefore, the application has no backend: It is a statically exported Next.js frontend. This is possible thanks to the PKCE extension of OAuth that Spotify provides, which allowed me to get rid of having to keep a secret key, and handle all of the authentication logic in the frontend.


After showing a demo to Spotify and getting a production API key, the site is now live and running at I'm happy to be able to use it on different devices, either to see which track is playing for myself, or to show it to my guests on the TV.


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