Kewin Dousse


Here are some of my personal projects. Most of them are side projects that I build for fun, and some may also have been made as entry for a contest, or a course.


yasp is a web remote control for Spotify. It aims at providing a fun way to visualize the currently playing track.

- : next.js chakra ui


FehPedia is an Android app that downloads data from the Fire Emblem Heroes Gamepedia wiki and makes them easily browsable offline.

- : ionic


Azelf is a website that shows statistics from the online game Pokémon Showdown. The site is updated once per month as new data is available.

- : python flask mysql

U Found One

U Found One is an app that lets you visualize UFO viewings in the world.

- : python flask mongodb


Maquereau is an app that lets you control desktop apps with your smartphone.

: nodejs express websocket


http2-demo is a tool to benchmark and compare the performances of HTTP2.

- : http2 bash apache


Yi is a website that shows statistics about summoner's champion masteries in League of Legends.

- : nodejs typescript express


league-typedef is a library encapsulating all of League of Legends' API endpoints into type definitions.

- : typescript nodejs


Canard is a 2D shoot'em up game

: unity c#


LoLarchive is a website that logs and shows past matches of players in League of Legends.

- : php mysql

Elodie's Dream

Elodie's Dream is a 2D scrolling platformer game

- : c++ sfml


PolyFood is a website showing all available meals at restaurants near EPFL.

- : php javascript

Find more of my other open-source contributions on GitHub.